Aleksander Jess. Interdisciplinary Marketer.

Here is what people say about me:

Working with AJ during the last semester at Hult was really inspiring. He is definitely one of the smartest people I've met with so much creativity and science-based facts that really helped our group stay grounded and realistic. Being in a group with him made me realize and appreciate his attention to detail, and his ability to listen carefully and provide practical feedback to move forward in our team meetings made us more productive. Overall, I think he is a very reliable teammate that has the ability to adapt in any environment he is put in and I wish him all the luck in his career.

Sara C.

Aleks is a very unique colleague; he is a brilliant person with creative ideas that are based on, both a theoretical component, with data proving the thesis, and practical ones, looking at the relevant sector. He is a colleague attentive to details and he is a perfectionist. Working in a team with him, I noticed that he is able to listen and share moments with the members, giving honest, clear, and relevant feedback.

He is very smart and caring.

Jawan F.