Published at 24/03/2021

Free Resources for Entrepreneurs 2 - Web Analytics

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Gaining insights about your internet visitors is something that an entrepreneur needs to be doing from Day 1. To date, most solutions were based on tracking your visitors with cookies. As this practice is frowned upon nowadays, we have to look for other measures. This is where Splitbee comes in.

How to start using it?

Using Splitbee is very straightforward. All you need to do is to put a script tag within your head tag, and you’re set. It’s worth noting, that this version of the script uses cookies. To make sure you don’t have to put a cookie banner, you have to go in a little bit deeper. What you need to do, then, is to install Splitbee’s JavaScript library and initialise it with disableCookie being set to true.

This free and private analytics service comes with one great feature other direct competitors don’t offer. It’s the possibility to track events. Say you want to track how many people signed up for your newsletter. No problem! You may look up all necessary steps in product’s documentation.

Note: I am not affiliated with Splitbee, nor do I earn any commission from recommending it to you.